July 27

My final guest of the summer was Tracy Malloy-Curtis, a philanthropist who currently works in fundraising for Farm Sanctuary and has experience working with International Planned Parenthood Federation.

For the second half of my final show, I flipped the script, and became the guest! My Dad, Robert Krahulik, interviewed me about my experience hosting Leading Ladies, and what I’ve learned from the summer interviews.


August 13

At 9:00, Aura Lehrer was  on Leading Ladies to discuss her business Vastu, a yoga and massage therapy center located in downtown Warwick.

Then at 9:30, Sue Filingeri, a former French teacher and tennis coach was at the station, talking about her story from a global perspective.


August 6

At 9:00, I had Lisa Ann Weisbrod on my show. She is the Executive Director of the Warwick Historical Society.

Then at 9:30, I had a very special guest come in, my mom, Christine Krahulik, who is an Orange County Family Court Judge.


July 30

At 9:00, Nicole Olsen was in the station speaking about her job as a local acupuncturist.

Then, at 9:30, we had an international cake artist icon, Kim Simons, in the studio! She spoke of her success as a pastry perfectionist!


July 23

Cathy Leahy was our first guest at 9:00. She is an experienced dental hygienist in the Hudson Valley.

At 9:30, Michelle Rider came on the air to talk about her career as an attorney with her own private practice.

July 16

For the first half of the show, Susan Metzger came in to the station to talk about her work in the sciences working as a biologist.
Then Annmarie Slagle Cloutier, founder of Apple Pharmacy, came on the show at 9:30 to share with us her medical expertise and her journey starting a business!



July 9

At 9:00, John Pilmer called in to talk about his article in Entrepreneur Magazine titled “Why Are Ten Million Moms Missing From the Workplace?”. He is the owner of a PilmerPR. www.pilmerpr.com

Then at 9:30 Amy Anderson-Winchell, the President of Access, spoke with me about her experience as a leading social worker.


July 2

At 9:00, Kim Gabelmann, the owner of Conscious Fork (an organic eatery in downtown Warwick), to talk about being a female entrepreneur.

Then, at 9:30, Dr. Jennifer Vazquez-Bryan was on air to discuss her new private practice called Altucare.


June 25

At 9:00, Barbara Moore came in to talk about her experience as the mayor of Greenwood Lake and her work in finance!

Then at 9:30, Michele Winchester-Vega and her daughter Natasha Vega swung by to share their wonderful story about working together as a family to make great change in the community!